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Arkansas thrives on the sound of music, whether you're a rock'n "roll fan, jazz fan or even a country fan. There is something that struck me and that is absolutely missing from Little Rocks music culture. We know we are working on it, but artistic discipline is seriously being cut down. Arkansas has something that gets everyone going, whether it's a variety of music styles, from jazz, blues, country, rock, pop, hip-hop and everything in between. Whether you are a fan of a particular band, a singer-songwriter, an artist or just a musician in general, we are all music lovers of diversity.

Art in Little Rock is strong, but I think there's a need to consolidate efforts and information. I can't help but notice that there is a lack of studio resources and I am the one who cannot help, so what do you notice?

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Tell us which music genre you would like to play at your event and what price you would like to pay. One of the best - most famous - bands of all time would be the platinum-winning rock band Evanescence, which has its origins in Little Rock. Sonny Burgess was an Arkansan who influenced the rock'n "roll industry in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Bands began cutting demos at Jagger's recording studio and performed at the Little Rock Convention Center and the Arkansas State Fair. He also recorded with radio DJ Tom Jones and his work with radio station KAAY, as the Rock Robbins of KaaY.

In the 1970s and 1980s, rock music began to take off in what became known as metal, and Little Rock became one of the most popular music cities in the United States. This process helped build a tightly knit underground community that existed and flourished in Little Rock, as documented in the 2007 film Towncraft, which told the story of a group of LittleRock bands led by guitarist Kevin Kerby, who later founded Mulehead with Ho-Hum. The Arkansas scene expanded and evolved, including a unique punk and metal scene.

More recently, other musicians and bands have been successful in the rock genre, including Arkansas-based band Evanescence. Fallen, "and it catapulted her into the charts as one of the most successful rock albums of all time. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Little Rock Convention Center and other venues have hosted - and are hosting - national acts like Metallica, U2 and the Foo Fighters.

Arkansas is also home to several notable venues that have hosted a number of major concerts over the years, including the Little Rock Convention Center, Arkansas State Fairgrounds and the University of Arkansas. Throughout the year, they often host metal shows to promote local talent and host a variety of national acts. When Beale Street was closed for the night, you came to 8th Street in West Memphis.

The subsequent conversation between me and one of the people I spoke to in Little Rock revealed a powerful truth to me. They all talked about the same few things, but the following conversation between the two revealed some powerful truths about their lives.

So I reached for my digital corkboard and wondered what it realistically takes for Little Rock to become a supportive city for artists and musicians. I doubt that anyone reading this work can keep up with the art and music scene here, but I don't think I'm going to shock anyone when I say that a city larger than Little Rock has more cultural events. Hopefully other musicians, observers and music fans will share my desire to bridge some of the divides I have experienced in our music scene.

If you love live music, Arkansas has a number of venues that are absolutely essential to your road trip experience. The locals know it as Stickyz, in this rock'n "roll chicken stand live bands play almost every night. Located in the heart of downtown Little Rock, just blocks from the Arkansas State Capitol, this is the best place to experience a live band in our capital city and invites you to enjoy a tune in tune with the famous chicken fingers. Speaking of: Me " M safe She # We have all heard about it, but what is wrong with this place?

The acts performing at the Rev Room vary in many genres, but the headliners on other nights vary, ranging from traditional jazz performers sponsored by the Arkansas Jazz Heritage Foundation to more modern jazz acts like the New Orleans Jazz Band. The artists featured in the Founder's Room include a variety of artists from Arkansas, but also from other states and countries, and many of the most famous artists in Arkansas history have performed here.

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