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The University of Arkansas in Little Rock, which highlights one of the most successful wrestling programs in college history, announced Saturday at the NCAA Wrestling Championship in Cleveland that it will establish a division and host its first ever men's and women's wrestling tournaments this weekend, highlighted by the addition of two new divisions and the introduction of a new wrestling program. The athletics governing body has agreed to add wrestling to its list of inter-collegiate athletics programs, the athletics director has announced.

He helped lead the Pioneers to the Oklahoma 6A State Championship in 2014 and was named the best wrestler in the state in both men's and women's wrestling for the first time in school history. Prior to his time at Chapel Hill, Erisman was head coach at North Carolina State University for one season (2013-14).

The win kicks off a seven-game streak that includes eight consecutive UALR wins, including two victories over Arkansas State and one win over southwest Louisiana. The Trojans clinched their first victory of the season last week before the winning streak ended at the hands of Southwest Louisiana. He scored a career-high 13 points in the contest, which they lost by a single point, 72-71, to Arkansas State.

Their presence at the game on their home court was a turning point for the program, which was crowned with Derek being named to the Sun Belt Conference Tournament Team. This is the first time the Arkansas basketball team - UALR - has played on the Razorbacks' home court since the 2015-16 season, when they won their first game in Little Rock. The Trojans were only three behind them but beat them in front of an announced crowd of 7,000 fans at the University of Arkansas Arena.

Derek has not disappointed as a sophomore for UALR and expectations have increased. He received the Sun Belt Conference Player of the Year Award and the team's first-team all-conference selection, and was selected to the All-SEC First Team and SEC Second Team.

At this point, the conference affiliation of Little Rocks is open, but Hatcher University has told Gary Abbott of USA Wrestling that it will support the full 9-9 scholarships allowed under NCAA rules. The Trojans are a member of the Sun Belt, the only conference in the country with a full-time wrestling program. There are two Little Rocks teams that are not competing in the Sun Belt: the UALR wrestling teams and the University of Arkansas football team, both sponsored by solar energy giant ExxonMobil and Texas A & M University.

In sports, the University of Arkansas in Little Rock is a member of the Sun Belt Conference, a full-time program for football and wrestling. The university's athletes' nicknames are "Bebe the Trojans," and maroon and silver are their identity colors. UA at little Rock has had a football team since 1955, when the school was called Little Rock Junior College. Although the football program has long since disintegrated, they were a national powerhouse in the 1950s and 1960s when they knew about the small Rock Junior College. LittleRock is one of two members of the Sun Belt who do not sponsor football (UT Arlington is the other).

The Trojans first returned to the NCAA tournament in 1986, losing 76-71 to North Carolina State in the second round of the conference tournament. The success of the 1986 NCAA tournament led to a victory over the University of Arkansas in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Trojans have had a minor hiccup in the second half of the season, losing three of four games, including a double-digit loss to Western Kentucky. They corrected themselves by beating Louisiana Tech in their next game, which ended a seven-game winning streak. The skid was broken with a win over Texas Panthers, and then they prevailed in a close battle against rival Arkansas State.

Arkansas - Little Rock extended its lead to 2-0 in the first inning after Ben Crumpton scored on Blake Johnson's sacrifice fly. The Trojans broke open with a seventh-inning 5-run homer, capped by Alexander's double and a short foul-sacrifice fly that third baseman Jacob Nesbit caught falling and couldn't throw home. A two-run home run to right field by Alex Alexander put the Royals up 7-6 in the game.

UALR had a chance to win the game after stopping the Trojans defense, but Derek didn't deny it. Derek will be honoured by the university on Saturday 6 May at the annual event, which benefits the club's sports department.

The home games of Little Rock are played at the Arkansas State Fairgrounds in Little Rock, Arkansas, home to the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. In addition, baseball perspective camps will be held on the UALR campus on Saturday, May 6, at the front of Gary Hogan Field, home to the Razorback baseball team and the university football team. In addition to regular-season games, the Trojans will also visit a minor league baseball camp in Arkansas on Sunday, May 7.

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