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Little Rock, Arkansas, may not be the first city to come to mind when it comes to art, but it is home to the Arkansas Arts Center, one of the largest performing arts centers in the country. With a variety of live theatre productions, concerts, dance performances and other arts and cultural events, it has something for everyone. There are a number of partners for the city, including the University of Arkansas in Arkansas and Arkansas State University, as well as a variety of local arts organizations.

Arts is provided by the State of Arkansas and the National Endowment for the Arts and is partially supported by programs of the Arkansas Arts Center. In addition, the Arkansas Arts Council provides technical and financial support to Arkansas State University, Arkansas University of Science and Technology, and other local arts and cultural organizations.

In the fall of 2004, the former Museum of Decorative Arts reopened and renamed the Arkansas Arts Center for the Fine Arts Building on the UA Little Rock campus. The University's galleries are located at the University of Arkansas, Arkansas State University and Arkansas University for Science and Technology, but exhibitions are sometimes curriculum-based and offer a variety of exhibitions that change throughout the year, sometimes with an emphasis on a particular subject or field of interest to the student body. In 2006, the Arkansas Arts Center Foundation established a nonprofit organization that, in addition to the foundation's title and permanent collection, also owns the Arts Center Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit.

The three exhibition rooms display objects from the collections of the University of Arkansas, Arkansas State University and Robert E. Smith College of Art. Stroll through the Arkansas Made Gallery and two worlds: the three-year-old Museum of Decorative Arts in the Fine Arts Building and three exhibitions in each room featuring objects and drawings of objects drawn in collaboration with artists Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and John Paul Jones.

Located in West Little Rock, the gallery offers framing, crafts and restoration, and is a must-see - see the history exhibition at the Arkansas State University Museum of Art. Located in the former residence of the University of Arkansas College of Arts and Humanities, this gallery houses a collection of artworks from the collections of the VAR and the ARU History Institute.

The Little Rock Visitor's Information Center is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and there are a number of great museums, galleries, restaurants, shops and other attractions in the city, so this should be your first stop when visiting the capital.

To showcase more than just the visual arts, the Arkansas Art Center also serves as a hub for the state's performing arts. There is the annual Delta Exhibition, which features works by artists from all over the country, as well as local and national artists and a variety of other exhibits.

The Arts Center continues to strive to bring art and people together, but has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. One initiative is the creation of a museum of fine arts in the state, a dream that has not yet been realized. The project will house the Arkansas Art Center Foundation's collection, which includes more than 14,000 artworks from around the world.

Art lovers can browse the world - in the Arkansas Art Center Foundation's collection and exhibits at the new museum in Little Rock. You will find a wide variety of artworks from all over the world, from the United States and Europe to Asia and South America.

This historic offering will make you reflect on the lives of the first settlers in Little Rock, on the struggles and successes of African Americans in Arkansas, and on the administration of our 42nd President of the United States. This pre-Civil War neighborhood includes the only surviving structure of its kind in the state of Arkansas.

This historic city park is home to the headquarters of the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Arkansas State Police. The other divisions were begged in the town of Little Rock in Arkansas and in the Templar district of Arkansas.

Studio Gang SCAPE worked with Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects, and the other was Little Rock - Doyne Construction, a Chicago company that specializes in museum projects.

The project aims to promote the arts by making downtown Little Rock more beautiful and improving access to the Arkansas Arts Center and its facilities. This project, which is expected to be completed in early 2022, will strengthen the Arkansas Arts Center as the leading visual and performing arts institution in the state of Arkansas and the nation. The project, which is scheduled to open in 2022 and beyond, will strengthen the Arkansasarts Center into a world-class performing and visual arts center for the city of Little Rock.

Guided kayaking, guided tours of the Arkansas Arts Center and its facilities, and a new performing arts center will bring visitors from communities far and wide to downtown Little Rock. The new Stephen F. Austin Center for the Performing Arts offers exciting basketball games and a guided tour of Arkansas "arts facilities.

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